8.18.11: A good amount of work on my tan…

Had a really fun night with my new Aussie buddies. We met up at Tonsai Seafood, which by name alone should elude what its known for. The place literally pulls its inventory to shore via nets and puts it all on ice for display. It was amazing. We agreed to do a curried fish and some squid with cashews. For the fish, we just walk to the display and pick out the fish we want and they cook it right there. Ron, one of the Aussies, said he had to accompany me on the fish selection because he’d be damned to trust his palate to an American. We agreed (actually, he ceded to my strong recommendation) on a red snapper. It was pretty fantastic. Went well with the Singha beers we drank, which went even better with the atmosphere — the evening tide was rushing up on our feet the entire time we were there.

After a full belly and a few beers, I was ready for sleep. Even through it was close to midnight, they of course still gave me a bunch of shit for it, even despite my explanation that I’d only had about four hours of sleep the night prior. Mentioned our plans for the next day and we agreed to try to meet up at some point.

After a great night of sleep on my absolutely fantastic bed, I grabbed a quick breakfast and decided to check out the viewpoint that I saw so many signs for. What I thought would be a 15-minute stroll turned into a vigorous, 45-minute uphill hike. Given my flip flops, bikini, and cover-up, I wasn’t exactly prepared for this. One gal was basically following me up the seemingly-never-ending journey to the top of the earth. The signage started to get confusing, and at one point she yelled out to ask me if I was heading to the viewpoint. Surprised to hear American English, I turned and said yes. She mentioned I took a wrong turn. Turns out, there were three different signs, and she, me, and another couple each saw different ones. She said she was just following me until that point. After walking back to decipher the three signs, we headed to the top viewpoint. WOW, was it worth the sweat! I took some pictures. You’ll understand what I mean by the amazing blue waters…

The gal and I chatted for a while at the viewpoint, and I found out she’s from Toronto. We ended up walking down together and agreed to head to Long Beach. Once there, we hung out and chatted for a few hours until she had to leave to catch her ferry back to Phuket. A couple hours later, my two Aussie friends found me (and alerted me so by pouring cold water on me) at the beach. We hung out there for a while. They agreed that since this is basically the last night of my trip, I need to make a good night of it and hang out with them. (How am I going to pass up hanging out with two cute Aussie men with even cuter accents???) So I’m meeting them for dinner (and a night of likely shenanigans) in a bit.

I finally had enough sun, so I headed back to town to grab lunch at this place called Papaya. Everyone said it’s THE place for authentic Thai food. I decided on a papaya salad. This stuff is AMAZING and was perfect after a long day in the sun. Then headed back to my hotel to take a dip in the pool and read some more. Then went to get an hour-long foot massage, which was so much more than advertised.

My journey home starts tomorrow. Phi Phi was a perfect end to the Big Asian Adventure. I hope to get up early and get in some more sun before catching the 2:30 p.m. ferry back to Phuket. From the time I leave tomorrow, I’ll be traveling for about 50 hours. That includes the extended layovers in Tokyo and LA. I’ll likely give an update on Tokyo at some point. This is one of “Cecilia’s Top 5 Places to Get To,” so I’m ready to take it all in! So I guess I’ll be home in about 70 hours. Wow…really? That’s almost depressing. Can I have a mulligan?

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