Back from my blogging hiatus

The traveling definitely hasn’t ceased over the past two years, but I wanted to try something different. Knowing nowadays people seem to prefer reading around 500 words, and images and videos are how people want to consume their stories, I was trying to find a way to bring my travels to the masses in more bite-size snippets via Facebook.

Well, I say screw that. I love writing, and I’ve missed logging my thoughts. And thanks to those of you who encouraged me to “get back in the saddle.”

I’ll recap some of my favorite things from the past two years of traveling. I’ll have a lot to do, as I’m hoping to get it all done before leaving for my next adventure to Alaska. Did I mention that’s only five days away? Yeesh. My timing…sometimes, it’s just…never mind.

So TheMostInterestingWoman is back. New and improved and on a better site.

On a personal note

The last two years have been kinda huge for me. After retiring from volleyball, I decided to take up running. So I decided to run a marathon. It was an incredible experience and I’m happy to say I’ve retired from running, too. Now, I’m just staying active so I keep my svelte new figure and ensure I can still walk on my own at 40.

I remodeled my house. I feel really grown up now. I have a new, gourmet kitchen and luxurious bathroom. The house has my touches everywhere. And I love it.

Finally, and probably the most important of news: I met my partner in crime and got engaged earlier this year. We’re getting married on our anniversary this September. It’s been the easiest and most satisfying relationship I’ve ever been in. I’ve never met someone who I can just be so “me” around. He’s my best friend, and I can’t wait to be his wife.

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Travel enthusiast. Dog mom. Tall gurl. Super aunt. Career gal. Fitness junkie. Foodie. Vodka/IPA appreciator. Hella tattooed. Work to live.

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