9.26.12: Gah! Packing sucks. Official panic mode has begun!

Alas, I have done nothing. When I admit to this, always the same response: “Really? That actually surprises me. I figure you’d have your lists done and you’re packed and all ready to go.” Great. So I come off as anal as I “secretly” thought I was. Guess I was the only one in on the “secret.” If only I was already in vacation mode. If only.

Admittedly, I’m in a bit of a panic. I have A LOT of work to get done before I leave. Probably too much. I got to work at 5 am today, left completely fried around 4:30 pm, and I’ll definitely be putting in work tonight into the late hours. Tomorrow is a crazy busy day at work. I’m on a team that’s a finalist for Team of the Year and a finalist for Department of the Year, which is definitely cool. I’m hoping some sort of a celebration will ensue because I end up being on the winning end of one of those awards. Knowing me, I’ll find a way to celebrate even if I don’t win anything. Am hoping that my Friday work from home day will be super productive so I can be in genuine “off” mode when I get on the plane Friday night.

Saying I’ve done nothing is being dramatic. I DID start my list so I don’t forget the essentials, which when I look at my list, aren’t really “essential.” It’s more my bourgeois comforts that I’ve grown accustomed to at the ripe old age of 32. But regardless, they’re comforts that I’d like to take with me on my vacation, since, well, the point of this trip is to be “all about me.” My 8-year old niece and 6-year old nephew can literally fit into my suitcase (which I’ve yet to put anything into). And, yes, I plan to very selfishly fill that thing up. Well, I don’t “plan” to, but I won’t be surprised if it’s close to full when I’m done with it. The main reason I want to bring that suitcase is because it’s distinctive: black and purple checkers. I rarely check bags, but because I need to bring such a variety of things, I figure to literally “go big or go home” with this one. This odd voice in my head keeps telling me it’d be wise to have lots of “cute things” on hand for this trip. Maybe that’s my gut talking to me? Regardless, I’m bucking my usual packing practicality and loading the sucker up!

The forecast for Iceland during my stay is partly sunny and upper 40s. Ouch. It’s not THAT bad, but it’s definitely not warm. Good thing I planned to pack a thermos. Among other things. Way too many other things. For the most part, I’ve got my list organized in my my head. But I should probably get that list to paper because my head is so overwhelmed I’m likely to forget some “essentials.”

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