10.2.12: Glacier walking + HAWT Icelandic men

Clearly sex sells. Or the inkling of it, I guess? Every time I create a new post, I can see how many viewed my past posts. Views more than doubled for my last one, which makes me genuinely happy. Hopefully you find it entertaining. I’m enjoying myself, for sure! Getting paid for what I’m doing now is a lifelong dream. So if you read it, like it, and recommend it to others … hey, just maybe, right?

Anyway … back to my Iceland adventures … which seem to mainly involve hot Icelandic men.

First, if the true definition of awesome is to inspire awe, then the sights I saw today did just that. I saw things I couldn’t ever even imagine. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. (Sunny all day!) I took more photos today than I had all trip. And I hiked a friggin’ glacier … through a volcano field! And not just ANY volcano field, THE volcano field that belonged to the volcano that erupted just two years ago and wreaked complete havoc on European airports. So, that leads me to my glacier hiking guide, Paver [pa-vair]. Funny thing, I saw him yesterday before the Golden Circle tour. Wow, I’d love to be on his tour. I literally stopped in my tracks when I realized he was the tour guide for today. Just my luck. Good thing I remembered what Branka and Julie said about their glacier tour guide, and I made some effort as I got ready today.

A quick aside: If you know me, you know I’m not exactly a small person. But I feel like one here. The women are tall and nothing close to being frail. And the men…woof. (Yeah, woof.) Tall and built. Not all, of course, but many are. Today’s tour guide was at least 6’5″, and Kreeger was about that. And they’re strong and outdoorsy. It’s like they really are friggin vikings! I remembered there was this other guy at the bar the other night who was also a native Icelander. He had a beard, was very tall, and kept mean-mugging me the entire night. Actually, he was just being sarcastic, which was great. Trying to pronounce his name was impossible, so I just called him Viking all night, which he seemed to enjoy. But then again, maybe that was why he was mean-mugging me? Nah…!

So…back to hiking the glacier. It was totally rad. I learned a lot. I can see why Icelanders are adamant global warming exists. If you saw their reality, it’s pretty undeniable. In my good fortune, Paver was always around to help on the hike … extending his hand in the more challenging parts. Don’t mind if I do, thank you. Okay, he was helping everyone, but I definitely made a point to chat him up. Not as often as the Scottish “mountaineering officiando.” But enough to remain memorable? I’d like to think so since he joined me and Geraldine (say it with a French accent because she’s Belgian) for dinner and a couple beers at Saegreifinn (Seabaron), this amazing hole-in-the-wall Kreeger recommended. It’s teeny, tiny, with 3 planks with several stools around them for people to sit on to the right, and three coolers filled with various types of kabobs and beer to the left. There was even a stuffed seal mounted on the wall! The kabob options were endless: scallops, shrimp, salmon, char, whale, haddock, potato, etc. I had the lobster soup and a salmon kabob. Again with this amazingly tender lobster! I wish I knew how they prepare it here. Maybe it’s just the quality of the lobster being completely fresh? The kabob was just as fantastic. Seabaron is a Reykjavik institution for affordable seafood. After finally warming up, I stock-piled on chocolate, and then said good-byes to Paver after he pointed Geraldine and I in the direction to look for the northern lights. Alas, no such luck with the northern lights.

It’s my last night in Iceland, and I’m pooped. I need to wake up early to pack up my shit because it isn’t happening tonight. I get picked up early to enjoy the Blue Lagoon one last time. After getting rubbed down and all snuggly warm, I hop on my plane and come home.

Iceland was more than I could have ever asked for. It was a trip I needed. And thoroughly enjoyed. There are some cool things to learn about, especially with the terrain, which I’ll update on when I get home. Pictures will come then, too.

Next stop in my traveling adventures: NYC next week for a work conference. Maybe I’ll make my evenings worth blogging about …

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