7.14.14: In Zurich. And drunk…with exhaustion

First, I have a lot of updating to do. A lot. I’ve got the stories ready in my mind, just need to put my fingers to a keyboard for that. More to come later on my non-traveling adventures.

So, I.Am.Wiped. Not gonna lie, when we dropped off our bags at our apartment this morning, it was about 10:00 a.m. We couldn’t check-in until 3:00 p.m., and I was genuinely sad about that fact.

Yes, I’m already eye rolling myself. First world problems, Lady. Don’t be such an ingrate! But here’s at least why…

My last couple weeks coming up to the trip have been…BUSY. Between preparing to be gone for two weeks at work, continuing to train for this volleyball tourney, figuring out a new roommate situation, attending bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and weddings, hosting house guests, getting sued (yes, sued), making time for friends, figuring out a challenging love life situation that has me all in sorts…I’ve had a lot of my plate. Normal questions I was being asked, like, “Are you excited?” or “Are you packed?” were stressing me the “eff” out. I seriously live to travel. It’s a passion of mine. While I’ve been absolutely looking forward to it all, life’s been a bit too busy to really sit back and get excited. I did eventually come around…the day before I left. I got my nails done to celebrate being part of Team USA, so I went a bit showy. Weird that it took something so mundane to get me excited.

I got a fantastic massage before I left on Sunday, which got me further along into relaxation mode. Expectedly, I only slept about an hour of the entire nine-ish hours from Minneapolis to Zurich. So When we got to our apartment, I wanted to lay down in a bed and crash. I was on empty.

But we had no place to go and nothing more to do other than wander around Zurich. What a beautiful, walkable city. Lots of rivers, lots of cobblestone streets, and then there’s the lake. After about an hour or so, we realized keeping a pack of 10 together was like herding cats, and decided to split up. For the three gals I hung with, it really was just a day of aimless wandering, taking in what we stumbled upon. There are many beautiful churches. One had 187 very steep, very narrow steps that we climbed up. While it definitely brought out the claustrophobia, it was SO worth the stunning views of the city. After taking in that scenery, we then continued on with our meandering and decided to hop on one of the ferries on the lake. The houses on the lake are incredible!

By the end of it all today, I finally feel a bit acclimated to the city. But I’m now even more crazy tired…to the point where I feel drunk and can barely keep my eyes open. It’s only about 8:00 p.m., but I’m impressed I even made it this long.

Tomorrow’s plan: Lucerne and the world’s steepest train. Then another short day trip Wednesday before the volleyball (and many other!) shenanigans begin.

Oh, and I was reminded just how darned CUTE European men are. And well dressed. #happygurl

Author: themostinterestingwoman

Travel enthusiast. Dog mom. Tall gurl. Super aunt. Career gal. Fitness junkie. Foodie. Vodka/IPA appreciator. Hella tattooed. Work to live.

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