9.3.12: My two favorite words in the English language

As I’ve been getting settled into my new house, I’ve been unpacking things, obviously. I came across a huge binder my dad put together and gave me a few years ago. It contained some great things: old newspaper clippings of my sports shenanigans from high school, my ID tag from my hospital crib (I was 24 inches long and weighed 9 lbs, 11 oz — no WONDER!), and a lot of other cool stuff I’d either never seen before or forgot about entirely. Going through all that stuff made me realize 2 things: My dad is unbelievably sentimental regarding certain “things” – a quality I definitely got from him. I also realized I’ve been an avid writer my entire life. There, also in this binder, were TONS of stories I’d written. My dad (who is so awesome for doing this) dated all of them. The first was from 1985 – I was only 5 years old! It was really fun reading through them all. They bordered between being funny, to cliche, to just plain bizarre. I’m glad I made some down time over this past crazy, hectic month to go through them all.

So in a way, I guess it’s no surprise that I graduated college with degrees in English and History, have a masters in Communications, and that today, I essentially write for a living. In a way, I’m getting paid to live my lifelong dream. And that I’ve been on this path pretty much since … well, always.

I experienced my first bit of traveling when was only a year old. My mom and dad took 5 children (all under 13 years old!) on a month-long road trip from Minnesota, to Nova Scotia, down through New York, and back home. I’ve heard stories about this trip pretty much my entire life, and I’m sad I have no memories of it. But oh well. I’ll just add Nova Scotia to my list of places to go. Every year, my family took another road trip to some new place. So I caught the travel bug early.

It seems fitting that, as an adult, the 2 things that are passions of mine today are writing and traveling. I feel like they’re what I was born to do. They’re what I’m meant to do. Some people are meant to be spouses, to be parents, to be doctors, to be stationary, to be … things I’m not. Writing and traveling – they’re what I do. I’m a firm believer that who one is isn’t and shouldn’t necessarily be synonymous with what one does. But I can say that writing and traveling are both big parts of what I do and who I am.

Today I’m just feeling lucky. I have a fantastic new house that I know will be my home for years to come. I have a job I love that allows me to practice a passion of mine every day, and the fruits of that labor provide me with a lifestyle that I enjoy, which includes a lot of traveling for fun. (And it also provided me with income to get 2 really damn cute dogs.)

So yeah, with all that, my 2 favorite words in the English language are (seemingly fittingly) …

WANDERLUST [won-der-luhst]  (n)

A great desire to travel and rove about.

[German, literally: wander desire]

CAUSERIE (ko-zuhree] (n)

An informal discussion or chat, especially of an intellectual nature.

[French, from causer, to talk, from Latin to plead, discuss, from causa, case, cause.]

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