10.9.12: NYC-bound! Ah, Fleet Week memories …

Next stop on my journey: The concrete jungle of New York City. For 2 days. For work. Topic: 2012 IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) Intranet Global Forum. That’s meaty shit right there. Actually, I think I’ll learn a lot, so I’m really looking forward to it.

Anyhoo …

I’ve spent a lot of time in NYC, which have resulted in some great memories. One in particular was pretty great.

First, a nutshell version of one of the worst: Girl is dating handsome actor/journalist who lives in NYC. He asks her to join him in NYC for New Year’s Eve to go to black-tie event in building where the ball drops. He buys her hot dress so she can’t say no. She goes. She drinks fermented orange juice for breakfast on day of gala. She gets food poisoning. She pukes all over Broadway in the early evening. She shits her pants. More than once. (I shit you not. And yes, I know, GROSS.) He more than takes care of her and still gives her uber-romantic kiss at midnight.

So, that was a shitty story (literally). I feel like I can only go up from there, right? Now, on to the good one …

Memorial Day weekend 2011. My niece just graduated from college at Connecticut College. Instead of me coming out for her commencement, we agreed it’d be more fun to meet up in NYC for a long weekend. If you know anything about New York City and Memorial Day weekend, you know that’s the culmination of Fleet Week. Sex in the City helped make it famous. Essentially, it’s a bunch of cute men, fresh off the ships, in their fatigues, enjoying all the city has to offer. My niece just broke up with her boyfriend. Just what the doctor (a.k.a. Super Aunt) ordered.

We had a pretty awesome weekend. We walked the Highline in Chelsea. Ate some mighty fine pizza. Hit up the Bronx Zoo. Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. Played frisbee in Central Park. Enjoyed some PinkBerry. Devoured sushi. Rode the subway. And took the Staten Island Ferry.

Thank you, Staten Island Ferry.

The Staten Island Ferry has always remained one of my favorite things to do in New York. It’s free and is a fantastic way to get phenomenal views of the city and the Statue of Liberty. And coincidentally, get wonderful views of very cute military men who just happen to be on said ferry. My niece kept commenting how she needed to make out with a guy to “get outta her funk.” I agreed. “Well, Codes, there are a lot to choose from here. Go talk to one.” She thought I was crazy. “All you have to do is go up to one who you think is cute. Put your hand on his forearm, and when he looks at you, just say ‘Thank you.’ And smile.” Now she thought I was nuts. “Trust me. It’ll work.”

Ah, memories. New York certainly has a few of them.

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