7.26.11: Really? The “most interesting”?

Welcome to my blog, The Most Interesting Woman In the World.

I wouldn’t blame you if your thought was, “Seriously? The ‘most interesting’? Is she an egomaniac?” No, I don’t think THAT highly of myself. I mean, I guess I’m probably somewhat interesting, but until I’ve met every woman in the world, I can’t legitimately make the claim of being the most interesting. So this blog was created to offer proof of my high degree of interesting-ness.

Now, if you took any of that seriously, you should stop reading. At least the part about this blog being proof of my awesomeness. Or interesting-ness. Whatever. You get the idea.

Actually, I started this blog because, as many of you know, I travel a lot. I actually LOVE to travel. More and more friends ask me to send updates while I’m away. I figure blogging is the easiest way to go about it.

You all know I can talk, and I love to tell a good story. But out of respect for your time, I will make every honest attempt possible to keep my updates “meaningfully brief.” (This is a Cecilia-ism you can all feel free to use.) My dad tells me I’m not funny, but I beg to differ because people seem to always laugh when they’re around me. Yes, they could be laughing at me. But I know better. So hopefully you’ll find some humor in my shenanigans. I can’t guarantee I’ll only be writing about my travels, so…consider this your warning.

For those of you wondering how I came up with the name of this blog, I credit this to my friend, Stephen. But first, you should know I definitely respect a good cocktail. If I’ve enjoyed a couple/few of them, I tend to get into storytelling mode. I can’t remember what I was talking about one night, but I know it was something inappropriate. (Whaaaa?? Me??). At the end of it, Stephen told me that I should start a blog and share my crazy stories. And if I do, I should follow suit of “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” The Dos Equis Guy, and call mine “The Most Interesting Woman In the World.” So if you don’t like the name of it, too bad, it’s here to stay. (And blame Stephen.)

Hope you like what you read!

Author: themostinterestingwoman

Travel enthusiast. Dog mom. Tall gurl. Super aunt. Career gal. Fitness junkie. Foodie. Vodka/IPA appreciator. Hella tattooed. Work to live.

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