May 2015: Copenhagen, Denmark

While “me time” officially came to an end, I was really excited for “we time” and shenanigans with my biggest big brudda, Phil. First stop: Denmark.

Phil and I taking a break after a long day on our feet

Before coming to Denmark, make note that the people here are ridiculously attractive. Danish men are tall and HAWT. (Yes, I was in heaven!) The women are just as gorgeous. And tall. (My brother was in heaven, too.)

Some cool cultural things about Denmark:

  • Progressive thinking: With a female monarch and PM and legalized gay marriage, I like how they think!
  • Fairy tales: Prince Fred and the commoner Mary from Australia prove they actually happen here
  • Wind turbines: They’re in the water off shore (which actually makes sense because water is everywhere)
  • Saying cheers: Skol!
  • Drinks: Hellllooooo Aquavit! Skol!
  • Rye: The bread is amazeballs…and unlike anything we do in the States
  • Thanks: The so wonderfully simple “tak”
  • Beer: It’s Carlsberg, so it’s shit
  • Naming conventions: Danes are literal in how they name everything
  • Bluetooth: He’s an old Dane. Even that symbol we associate to it are his initials…RB


I’ve been all over the world. For years, Paris has been at the top of my list of favorite cities. I have to say that now, Copenhagen is tied for first place. 

Some of the wonders of Copenhagen:

  • Bikes: Find them everywhere, as this is one of the most bike-friendly in the world
  • Copper: It tops a lot of massive buildings, resulting in a stunning skyline
  • Spiral staircases: Clockwise is for fighting, counter is for getting to heaven
  • Mermaids: The one. The original. The little one.
  • Colors: It’s like this city is in technicolor!
  • Horses asses: There are LOTS of equestrian statues to see
  • Local hero: Petir Thundersheild (how do you NOT root for a name like that?)


Hippies in Christiana; Hipsters on Paper Island

Sunshine, great convo with my brother, lots of giggles, and even more culture. That was the day. Being in Christiana and on Paper Island made me have one of those “Man, I love my life” kind of days.

Christiana is the haven for hippies of all sorts. We went on guided tour, which turned into yet another hysterical historical walk through the city. Drugs of all sorts are legal in this principality within the borders of Copenhagen. At first, it seems seedy, but then you realize it’s more of a hippy culture. Many people wear masks because they value their privacy, and they ask for no photos to be taken when on the island.

We finished the day with some “good eats” at the food truck Mecca of Paper Island. It also seemed to be the Mecca for Copenhagen’s finest hipsters. It’s where paper was one manufactured and it’s an island. Hence the name. After it was “made over,” it was filled with fantastic food stations and bars. Outside, there’s a DJ spinning transient music, and there, you’ll find an assortment of places to sit while overlooking a river canal and Copenhagen proper. It was a wonderful way to end our time in Copenhagen.


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