August 2015: Road trip to Michigan’s U.P.

Two sisters + two kiddos + two pups = One pretty wonderful road trip.

The six of us are ready to go!

I’d never been to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Heck, I’d never been to Michigan. So I was excited that my sister Danielle was up for taking a road trip to check it out. She brought her babes, Reese (11) and Ryder (9). So naturally, I brought my fur babes, Dewey (10) and Frankie (4). I did some research and Munising, MI , with its waterfalls, hiking, and small-town feel made it sound like a great place to go, so that’s where we headed to.

Magic in Green Bay, WI

We decided to break up our drive with a pit stop in Green Bay. Naturally, we stopped at Lambeau Field. Then this magical exchange happened:

  • Ryder: There’s a lot of Green Bay Packer stuff here.
  • Danielle: This is where the Green Bay Packers play.
  • Cecilia: Should we pee on it?
  • Reese: We should poop on it!
  • Ryder: Yeah, poop on it!

These kids are clearly being raised right.

Gnome hunts, waterfalls, and cliff jumping in Munising

Munising definitely didn’t disappoint. It was an absolutely lovely, quaint town. The Pictured Rocks that I read about were as gorgeous as everyone described. Our favorite things from time in this totally adorable community:

  • Horseshoe Falls: It’s definitely a bit on the cheesy factor, but there’s a pretty cute gnome scavenger hunt you can go on. You even get to wear gnome hats! I can say it was just for the kids, but then you’d need to ask which kids.
  • Miner’s Castle: The views are insanely gorgeous. With the sandstone cliffs and white sand that lined the floor of the lake, it made the cool water look Caribbean blue.
  • Boat tour: You can take morning, afternoon, or evening cruises. While it got a bit chilly, it was great to get up close and personal with the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The colors are incredible and we learned some interesting things along the way. So worth it!
  • Miner’s Beach: This long stretch of soft, sandy beaches on a hot, sunny day was perfect. And there’s so much to explore. Lots of rocks to climb on and jump off of. The water is very cool, but crystal clear. You’ll see lots of kayakers taking a break on this beach.
  • Miners Falls: A one-mile walk through a green, seemingly enchanted forest, followed by a steep jaunt down the ravine was a fun way to get to this waterfall. My dogs loved it. It’s the bigger of the waterfalls, falling 50 feet into a sandstone pool.

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