November 2015: The couple that travels together…

Our first picture where I was paying attention. (Chris is sneaky!)

When we think about it, Chris and I are surprised we didn’t cross paths earlier. We both are in the volleyball scene (he even reffed leagues I played in). We even had Chicago in common. So it made sense that our first trip together brought us to a place that was familiar to us both.

We spent some time downtown, hitting up Lincoln Park (including the Zoo) and the Chicago Art Institute. We even fell asleep in Lincoln Park for a little bit. There’s so much great food to enjoy, too. From sushi, to tacos, to tapas, we enjoyed ourselves.

I met Chris’ sister, Peggy, and one of his volleyball buddies (and his long-term girlfriend/partner); he met two of my dearest college friends, Heather (including her absolutely wonderful family) and Mary (and her then new boyfriend).

People say that traveling together is a test. We passed with flying colors.


Author: themostinterestingwoman

Travel enthusiast. Dog mom. Tall gurl. Super aunt. Career gal. Fitness junkie. Foodie. Vodka/IPA appreciator. Hella tattooed. Work to live.

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