February 2016: Naples, FL

This was a pretty special trip, for so many reasons. My sister and her husband rented a really fantastic house in Naples, so when she invited us to go and occupy one of the rooms, we couldn’t pass it up!

On a funny note, when I originally explained this to Chris, he thought I was talking about Italy, not Florida. Either way, he seemed pretty excited about the trip. This was really low-key, but we had a terrific time.

img_8570Our favorites:

  • Renting a Mustang convertible: This was a treat for both of us. I’d been in convertibles, but had never driven one. We both have lead feet, so we really enjoyed it. I highly recommend a convertible – it made things all the more fun.
  • Sanibel & Captiva Island: I’ve heard a lot about Sanibel Island. Captiva is at the end of the stretch. Sanibel was pretty, but the beaches were a bit…funky, likely due to the constant influx of tourism. I’m glad we took the drive to Captiva Island and took some time to visit and nap at Captiva Beach. It was quieter and operated at a slower pace. The “houses” literally had names. To say it’s affluent is an understatement.
  • Marco Island: She sells sea shells down by the seashore. I’d imagine “she” probably sourced all her shells from here. After walking along the beach and admiring the seashells (in our shoes because those shells were sharp!), we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset with many others.
  • Coral Cay Adventure Golf: It was a Monday night when we went, so it wasn’t busy, which meant we more or less had our way on this mini golf course. Once you’re done, there’s a big red inflatable chair to take photos in. (You bet your ass we did.)

I don’t know if it was the high from this trip or what, but clearly the third trip was a charm because only a few days later, Chris and I got engaged.


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