04.04.16: Honey, keep calling me baby

“You don’t seem the type who would sit around on the beach for a week.” If you say that to me, it’s usually a sign you don’t know me that well. While I’m pretty much always up for shenanigans of any sort, I work really hard, so sometimes, I very much crave those lazy, luxe “do nothing but catch some sun” trips. Usually, I don’t wait until April to get in the first of my usual two mid-winter sunny getaways, but it’s kinda how it worked this year. I definitely get excited for my trips, but the excitement going into this girls trip was more than usual. And the plan for luxe started out perfectly …

Yes, please, I’ll take that upgrade

654310FA-CB82-4551-8762-6DEF4372AD99I took it as a good sign that three days before I left, I got an email that my seat for the flight down was upgraded to first class. I’m a huge proponent for airline loyalty, and my loyalty runs to Delta, for a couple reasons. Sure, sometimes (and I find only sometimes), the prices are a little higher than other airlines, but I find that there are more direct connections out of my home airport to where I want to go than others, and to me, especially when I’m traveling to distant locations, time is money. So it’s worth the slightly extra fare. While I do travel a lot, and it’s usually on my own devices, time, and time off, so getting Gold status takes a lot of work. And I’m proud of having it. I might even hit Platinum this year. The perks of having status (boarding early, free upgrades, guest upgrades, lounge access, etc) make it worth it to me, too.

When entering the DR

We flew into Punta Cana, and at the wise advice of our travel agent, we purchased our tourist cards before we arrived. It’s only $10 and paying in advance saves you a long line and lets you move right on to the immigration line. And move along we did, not before the adorably handsome (and compact) Pablo took my receipt and said, “Welcome, Baby.” Oh yes, this is going to be a GOOD trip!

Thanks to that Sky Priority tag on my bag, my bag was already waiting for me, so we headed to our private transportation van and were on our way to the resort.

Adults only time in Punta Cana

IMG_0154The “Riu” has five different resorts, we’re staying at the adults only, all-inclusive Riu Palace Macao.  We were ready to go (in a few ways) after the insanely gorgeous Ezekiel checked us in. On another note, luckily, there aren’t spring breakers. Also, we’re definitely the younger people at the resort … by far. But the resort is quiet, with a great swim-up bar and several restaurants. We make sure to ask for “dobles” or “fuerte” when we order drinks, otherwise, they’re pretty watered down. The built-in, tiled pool lounge chairs are wonderfully welcoming ways to escape the heat while keeping up with the hot, strong sun. Oh, and then there’s the adult entertainment. Krystal … did well in the competition but was beat out by a 50-something from the Bronx. It was close … and MEMORABLE.

On another note, we got to lunch pretty late the first day and we weren’t too impressed with the food, but when we tried to again today it was a vastly different (better) experience. The beds are short of comfortable, but the bathroom is pretty terrific.

So far, so wonderful

IMG_0148The beach’s gorgeous, soft, white sand overlooks the insanely gorgeous aqua blue Caribbean. And there is so much to do! Catamarans will happen tomorrow, and parasailing is on the agenda, too. We might even welcome in Kristen’s 37th birthday at the notorious Coco Bongo while we’re here.

At one point, I dove under the water in the pool, and when I looked back at Krystal and Kristen, they were looking at me, smiling. Naturally, my reaction was, “What?” Both looked somewhat surprised and replied, “Oh, nothing. I was just relaxing.” That’s just how wonderful it is here: When you’re just chillin’, sitting around, thinking about nothing, you’re doing it all with a smile. Ahhhhhhhhhhh

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