09.18.16: Ohhh…Portland!

Me + Ma…before the wine


This was always intended as a quick trip. Portland called me to see my friend Nate get married. You may remember Nate from my travels in Thailand and Cambodia. He was the witness when my iPhone disappeared from my hand at the hand of two crafty (“slick” as Nate put it) men on a mo-ped.

Even though it was a short trip, it was a fun one. My mom joined me, as my previously scheduled travel companion was…not an option. I’ve been to Portland a few times over the years but I realized it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve last been. It’s a great city, I’d even consider it a sister city to Minneapolis given the prolific use of bike lanes, hipsters, food trucks, beer, and light rail, complete with a dash of all around cosmopolitan outdoorsiness.

Highlights from this misadventure…

Kornblatt’s Deli

In the hipster Pearl District, this old-school deli didn’t disappoint. The bagels and lox were terrific. I had the combo bagel, which meant half was topped with an insanely good whitefish spread and the other with cream cheese and lox (that are flown in from NYC). Served with the traditional lettuce, tomato, red onion, and capers, I was SO happy. T’was so good!

NW 23rd Ave

This street in the Pearl Distict has a plethora of hipster-friendly shopping and a lot of great food options (including Kornblatt’s). You’ll find the insanely creative ice cream shoppe Salt & Straw here, too. Even in the rain, it’s a great place to walk around and pass time.


My typical giddy mother

My mom is…a 75-years young handful. She makes me laugh as much as she makes me shake my head in disbelief. This is a good thing. We giggled quite a bit on this trip. My embarrassment set in at the wedding. After a “few-ish” glasses of wine, Mom is an instigator. When the bouquet toss time came up, she was pretty adamant I go try and get it. I’ve never done it in the past and had no intentions of doing it now. So she joined the single ladies (serenaded so appropriately by Beyoncé no less)…and ended up catching the damn thing! She then cackled out loud and started shouting “PROXY!” I wanted to crawl in a hole and die, while at the same time being unable to control my laughter.

Mom is also an unabashed flirt. She seemed very interested in seeing who I thought was “attractive” (not her exact words), and made a point to find out who was and wasn’t single. She was my own little wingwoman. Toward the end of the night, I literally felt like I was in an episode of Sex and the City…the one where Carrie got broken up with via post-it from Berger…and by the end of the night it was no longer the day she was broken up with via Post-It. My mom played the role Miranda did in that episode. My next section below may give you some insights to what I mean. Ha.

Pure joy as Mom caught the bouquet

And I can’t even get into the details of another conversation, but it started like this:

Mom: “I need to ask you a very personal question.”

Me: “Ohhh-kaaay. But just because you ask doesn’t mean you’re going to get an answer.”

Mom: “Have you ever…” (I seriously can’t repeat it.)

Me: “I REALLY don’t want to know why you’re asking me this question. But to answer your question…NO.”

I am so happy I had her with me on this trip. I couldn’t have made it to the wedding without her. She is such a wonderfully spunky woman. Even though she said I need to let my hair down more often (yes, she seriously said this), I think  her spunk was heriditary. I’m so lucky to call myself her daughter.

Mary Jane

I forgot that marijuana is legal here for recreational use…until I got here. There are dispensaries everywhere. As impossible as it may be to believe, there seemed to be an even more lax attitude toward the whole culture than in Colorado. Everyone (and by everyone, I really mean everyone) smokes it…from pre-rolled joints, to vaping, to edibles, it’s pretty wonderfully commonplace. Here’s to hoping it’ll be legal everywhere in the next 10 years. It really is stupid to send people to jail for this stuff.

Next stop: A new pup (maybe) and another adventure

Tomorrow, I meet a 1-year old Wheaten who’s up for adoption. I’m really excited to see what’ll happen. Here’s to hoping Frankie is a fan and we’ll be adding a new member to our family. I think we both have holes in our hearts that could use some filling.

My next adventure brings me to South Carolina in just two weeks. It’ll be a much-needed girls trip with some of the most wonderful women I know. (Oh, and my brother at the end of it all.) The timing of it will be truly necessary, so I’m glad I’ll be with some of those I love most.

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