10.4.16: Pirates and tombstones in Savannah

I’m a history junkie, so I totally geek out on these old U.S. cities. Even though I’ve been to Savannah before, I was just as taken in with the charm as I was the first time I visited.

Drink up the history with a tour

The city was incorporated in 1733. Even though it was heavily impacted by the Civil War, it still has charm and had oak trees that are older than when the city was ever incorporated. Again, Spanish moss coats the trees, offering a surprising shelter from the elements. There are a lot of tour options when you’re in Savannah. I recommend one of the horse-drawn historical tours; my brother and his wife took one while they were there and I’ve done one in the past. It’s a great way to get acclimated to the city and learn some fun facts that you otherwise wouldn’t know.

Or, wander on your own with a cocktail – it’s legal!

Just wandering with a map  can be just as fun, as you’ll run into a new square every couple blocks. Oh, and feel free to add an adult beverage on your stroll, as drinking on public streets is legal here – so long it’s in a plastic cup! Make sure to walk to the City Market and River Street Marketplace. Yeah, they’re a bit touristy, but they are SO CHARMING, you’re definitely missing out on the Savannah experience by skipping them.

Spooky cemeteries and pirates

Pirate’s House

We also stopped by a couple cemeteries. It’s always interesting to see the old tombstones and read about the tricks that the silly teenagers did back in the day. For example, some bored teenagers in the 1800s swapped tombstones for no other good reason than being stupid teenagers.

While kitchy, make a point to check out the Pirate’s House. Per its website, it’s been welcoming visitors to Savannah with food and drink since 1753. Just a block from the Savannah River, it was an inn for seafarers, and fast became a rendezvous for pirates and sailors. How can you not love that?!? Arrrrrrrgh!

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